Spring Grove Catalog 2015 - page 1

Supplies for the restroom are much more than an operational expense — they
are the necessities that complement your business. Keep it clean with Spring
Grove deodorizers, sanitizers, chemical cleaners, toilet tissue and more.
Keep your hard-working employees healthy, happy and productive with a fully
stocked and clean break room. This unique area requires a variety of facility
supplies including napkins, plates and cups, and also cleaning chemicals to keep
the floor, countertops and other surfaces neat and sanitary.
Spring Grove has the right foodservice products to meet your demands, no
matter if you’re a restaurant, school, hospital or other. A full-line of non-food
disposables — from to-go cartons, napkins, cutlery and everything in between,
are available. Plus, all items are easy for employees to use and meet the
expectations of your customers.
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